Wednesday, February 09, 2011

What is Normal?

So, what is Normal?

Everyday getting up and making breakfast, doing the "morning routine", starting homeschool?

Yesterday my husband had to take the day off.  Good reason behind it!  We had an orthodontic appointment and he needed to talk with the "bill department".  Praise the Lord!  They lowered our bill!  When he came out and we were leaving, he turned and said to me:  "They really respect you here.  They love our family.  They said that 'I don't know how she manages it all.'  and that our children are so well behaved!"  Yikes.

I'm thinking this must not be Normal!  I am flattered and feel blessed to have someone speak well of me in the gates.  My husband is respected because of mine and our children's behavior.  And I must and want to say it HAS to be because of what Jesus Christ has done in our lives!  I get upset and Lose my Temper.  I yell.  More than I want to admit.  Praying on that one...Anyway,  just to say, we are NOT perfect!  I am not and my children are not.  But God is refining us!  The Holy Spirit is leading us!

This an old picture, but it is so sweet!  Plus my husband has lost about 30 pounds since then.  the kiddos have grown up alot too!  But I just had to use a good picture.  I'm not in it because, someone had to snap the photo!