Friday, November 26, 2010

When The Guys Go Hiking...

When the guys go hiking...all us ladies get together to sew!

We are having a blast!  We watched a few movies...Return To Cranford, Saving Sarah Cain, and Austrailia.  Next up for viewing is North and South.

I was able to get a few things sewn.  These are some shorts my Daddy has been after me to hem for him.  Well, they are done!  Yay!
This snowfox pillow for a dear friend of our family who loves snowfoxes and baby blue, and of course snow!  I will not be making these for my etsy shop.  I got the idea from a blogger named...lucykate.  I don't want to steal anything to sell.  But I made the little fox slightly different than hers so as not to offend.
I really like her alot.

I tried making a cute little change purse.  I am not sure it works that well.  My abilities with curved zippers is not all that great!

Praising the Lord Jesus for great friends in the Lord!  Praising God for fun with creativity!  Praising God the "guys" are doing well on their hike!  My husband called today to let me know my three boys and himself are well and are enjoying themselves!  

Friday, November 19, 2010

What I am up to Now

I just had to make something...

I just couldn't stop thinking about it...

I couldn't sleep at night...

So I took yesterday morning and did it!

Aren't they adorable?  It is actually one pouch, but two pictures of it.
I think it could be better.  But I say that about all my creations.  There is something else I am working on too!  I just can't share it yet.  Maybe I will share one of my gingerbread pattern weights with ya though...
He is sew cute!  I taught myself how to chain stitch last week and that is the icing on the cookie!  Next item up for sewing is the cookie jar to put them in!  Can't wait!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Update Cake...

Well, I thought I should share a few pics of the recent cake I helped to create.

We do not know if it is a boy or a girl.  So we went with a pink cake on the bottom  and a blue cake on the top.

I wanted to have Jacks Jack's eyes (incredibles) but we went with the face that was on the cake online.
The mother(Becky) of the mother to be and I made the cake.  She and I took 6 hours with a few breaks to make it!  It was a lot of fun!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Felicity's New Gown...

I am so excited!  My daughter Hannah ordered Felicity with her birthday money, and I know it sounds strange, but I think she did it for me!!!

I wanted to do a little dance...but I contained myself to a demure smile instead*wink.

Anyway, I made Felicity a new ball gown for our Masked Ball...We are having a "Surprise Mask Ball" for Felicity...shhhhh.  It's a secret.

I just wanted to share the photo of the gown...
So what do you think?

Maybe I should start making these and selling them on my etsy shop...I dunno.  I will think about it some more.