Monday, April 13, 2009

You know, I think I might have something to share...

Christ in us the Hope of Glory.

If Christ is in us, then we have hope.

Hope of Glory. What is that?

Something to look forward to, something to sing about, something to talk about, something to think about.

The Bible that God wrote to us many Glorious insights to live out. I get down, I get sad, I get mad, but I have noticed that if I were to concentrate on what the Lord has done in my life, where I came from to where I am now, I can say: Thank you Lord! I can sing Thank You Lord! I can share with my family and friends and even strangers How I am so thankful to Jesus for what He has given and done for me. Do I do it enough? No. Do I want to do it more? Yes.

You may think it comes easy to me, being a pastor's wife. But that is not what defines me. Christ in me the Hope of Glory is what defines me. What defines you?


ServinGsus said...

I, too, want to have my being defined as the Hope of Glory! Thanks for the motivating way to start off my Monday =)

Joyfull said...

Beautiful thought for today! Thank you for being a blessing today.