Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sewing Season!

Thanksgiving Covered Dish Carrier...
I am so glad to finally have it finished!

Now on to my next few projects.  Last night I started making homemade pattern weights!  Oh they are so (sew) cute!  Look good enough  to eat!

Here are some bolts of fabric that I worked on getting organized yesterday.  I found somewhere there are these neat plastic holders to hold up to 6 yards or more of fabric. 
Well, that got me thinking, I can't actually buy some right now, but there was a perfectly good, large piece of cardboard that I cut up into 6 large cards.  About 10" by 15".  Worked pretty good.  But not as pretty as the actual ones...  Check them out if you have lots of fabric and are looking for a good alternative to stashing them beautifully!

Now on to more of my Sewing Season!