Thursday, December 08, 2011

Updates and Whatnot...

Loving my new blog cuteness made by my sweet daughter...Bugnanny!

Imagine a big heart going out to her!

She does really great work with the computer!  I know we borrowed the background, but still, she did a great job!  She even added snow!  EEEE!  I love it.  I can be pretty giddy sometimes!

Oh well!

God's Christmas is at hand!  He always provides, and loves us through good times and bad!  Love the Lord Jesus and what He is to us and our family!  Thank you Jesus for saving us and putting us where you need us to be!

I will post some more soon!


Sophie☺ said...

Whoo Whoo Whoo! I Luv yoo Merm! :D

Jessica said...

cute background! she really did a great job :)

JesusChick said...

That header is so adorable! I almost squeeled "ITS SNOWING!!!!" when I saw the snow :P

Alta said...

What a dingbat I am. I missed the snow until I saw what JesusChick wrote. Thanks H. for pointing it out to me. LOL
Oh yeah - check your html in your button.
Hope you all are well!

Eva said...

I LOVE it! Are the birds yours? That is so great! It reminds me of the book, "The Best Nest."

We start on vacation next week so I will try to call you one day. Let me know if one day is better than another. :)