Friday, March 15, 2013

Where Have I Been?

I have been really lazy about keeping up with my little blog here....

Busy with life and homeschooling.  Busy with church and family.  
But thinking about how irksome it can be to want read a blog and they haven't posted in weeks or months in my case!  Sorry!

So I will try to get back to posting...when I can.  I love Dawn's blog at By Sun and Candlelight .
And just feel inspired when she shares with us all!  There are more ladies out there that I read from time to time...A Holy Experience by Ann Voskamp.  Love her!  I will try to set up links for these two lovely ladies soon...I am not sure how to go about it on the iPad.

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Eva Atkins said...

I know what you mean! Guilty too! My girls had a tea party today in honor of Resurrection Sunday yesterday. Feeling too sick to enjoy it with them. :(
Have a wonderful week sweet sister!