Tuesday, December 02, 2008

New Day From The Lord

Today is a new day from the Lord! It is chilly out and the children are eating lunch. And I am hoping to get some sewing done today. Oh how I love to create things! I love the way it looks when you are finished and pleased with the turnout.

I love the hum of the machine as you chug along. I love having an accomplished feeling. I love the smile of the one you gift your creations to.

One day I hope to be more creative. To give more to those I love and to those I am yet to meet and love. It is something to look forward to.

I am so blessed to know the Lord Jesus! He is not a figment of my imagination. He is not related to Santa. I know Him. He has shown Himself to me and my family in so many ways. Food when there was none! Clothes when there were none. Truth when no one could give some. Love when no one had any to give! Money when there was a job, but no money being earned. He has given through true believers. He has shown through His Word(The Bible). I am so thankful this season.

One particular thing that happened 5 years ago in December, was we had no money for gifts for our 6 children. And all 8 of us had the flu. (yucky) I believe it was a few days before Christmas day. People began to bring gifts for the kids, food(chicken soup) and bread, and sang carols to us. What a sight we must have been laying around with (puke pots) for each of us, too weak to get up. That was the quietest Christmas we've ever had! The children didn't have the energy to talk or walk for that matter! Oh but what a Glorious Holiday! My husband said the Lord showed up and blessed His people! I think five different families showed up in one day to pray with us and give gifts to the children. Wow! That is something that wouldn't have happened in all our other years before we were saved. Now I look back and smile. Now I praise the Lord for all that He has done in our lives and through others. "Let everything that has breath Praise the Lord!"

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