Thursday, October 30, 2008

Updates, updates, updates

I am so ready for fall to finally really be here. In Florida, we do not get a real change of seasons. One day it is hot and then all of a sudden, it is cold and the trees didn't seem to change. They do change, it is just not real noticable.

I am continuing to homeschool my six children and am very happy with the new math curriculum that we ordered from Rod & Staff. The house is in some disarray, but that is normal with a houseful of children. Especially when it is a three bedroom home!

But the children do help me with the housework. They have what I call "care rooms" that is, I assign a room for them to care for that week. Next week they switch and so on and so on. We are all under the weather a bit this week.


Brin said...

Wow! I wanted to drop in and offer a big, warm thank you for your comments this week on my blog. They were encouraging and so uplifting to my (rather downtrodden) spirit. I mean it when I say "thanks". Thanks.


PS - I was a homeschooler! Fourth through graduation. Please let me encourage you that it made a difference in MY life and my education and I'm grateful now for parents who made the effort and cared. Your children will one day, too. Blessings on you and your family!

the voice of melody said...

It sounds like you have your hands full with six little ones to homeschool! Great job in assigning them some tasks to help with housework.

Hope you're all feeling better this week.

Many sweet blessings!