Monday, February 08, 2010

My Favorite Room in the House!

Well, this is indeed my favorite room in the house! I actually come in and sit on the bed and just breath in the loveliness!

We recently put in the wood lamanent floors to help our children with their asthma. It is only in the boys and girls rooms, also the hall way. This little desk was such a great find! It is small enough not to overpower our very tiny girl's room, and functional enough for our little journalist. Our oldest daughter loves to write. The small dresser you see under the desk is the stool.
We turned her bunkbed into a two story dollhouse for American girl dolls and other cherished play things.

Look at the sweet setup my oldest arranged. Do you see the stuffed cat on the left? That cat is quite a character!

Of course we have grass next to our dollhouse. And the quaint houses for the calico critters.
I enjoy having these baskets to catch all kinds of beanie babies and doll furniture, hats for the makeshift hat store. Everything has a place. I think it is so much easier to clean than it was before the switched rooms!

This is where the twin girls are supposed to sleep. But what really happens is, the very littlest comes to sleep with me every night and the oldest and the other twin share the bed.

Can you see the jam box under the bed? I would love to have a perfect ruffle to cover that up, but for right now it works. The girls play Mozart, and Bach and many other composers on that jambox. Of course it's really a cd player. I guess I'm still using '80's terminology.

I know it may sound funny, but I really prayed and asked God if this was the best thing to do. To switch the rooms between the siblings. I know how it feels to be arranged in a house in such a way that you just don't feel comfortable. But this was a great switch! The room is very small, and I never thought that we could fit everything these young ladies own in there! I just am so pleased. And the girls play all the time! I have to go get them for school. Where before, they would sit at the homeschool table with their books and beg to do school.
The boys room may be next. I am not sure. They really do have things that are so, so, boyish. I tried to decorate their room with a camping theme. We shall see if it stays nice or not.
I hope my sweet friend so far away enjoyed seeing my favorite room! I love you and miss you!

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6atkins said...

After she finally got her online self over here, she loved seeing the room. I absolutely love the twin girls bed in that corner with the shelf above! The room looks so great! I can just see your oldest writing at the desk. Of course in my eyes she looks a year or two younger than reality! I look forward to seeing the boys room sometime. Thanks for taking the time to make me feel like I just visited for a personal tour! Love, Eva