Friday, April 30, 2010

Been A While

We are on our way to Virginia! To see our Best Friends!

Morning Bible Devotion before we head out with some Jimmy Dean cheese biscuits!

Silly husband can't wait to get to them thar hills.

Sweet friends at the park.

Sweet Friends at Claytor Lake.

Sweet friends waiting on another Best Friend!

Yay Uncle Jeff!


Sweet friends at the caboose park.

Sweet husband on a porch and a pick'n.

Sweet friends at the sweets shop nearby.

Sweet Mema with sweet grand baby.

Sweet friends golfing!

Sweet friends double dating. Thank you Mema Rose and Uncle Jeff for watching the Kiddos!

I love my sweet Friend!

I praise God for every remembrance of you all!


6atkins said...

Are you trying to make me cry? :) Loved these pics!I have to get the one of Rose and Lydia framed. Too sweet! Love you so much too. We are still fondly chatting about the fun we had. Praying you can return this summer! Two weeks?? :)

Btw, did you get rid of your island in the kitchen?

Love, Eva

jesuschick13 said...

When I saw the photo of Brother Rob and 2 of the boys in front of Subway I started craving a sub......yummy yummmy sub.....I wonder how subs taste for breakfast?? ;)