Wednesday, December 22, 2010

God's Christmas

My Littlest daughter is so very dear and sweet!  She has been telling us all month long that this is "God's Christmas".

And My husband and I just love her all the more for it!  It has been a focus of sorts at all the needed times!

God's Christmas!

This Christmas in a worldly sense, was going to be the bleakest.

No money, no gifts, no food or groceries...But, if it weren't for our Faith in the God of Isaac, Abraham, and Jacob.  Father of all the Universe!  Heavenly Father of our Savior Jesus Christ born in us the Hope of Glory!  We would be so pitiful by the World's standards.

Through God's People...He has sent money to buy some gifts, food for our Christmas dinner, clothes for little ones who needed them, boots for our oldest boy and for daddy,  40 rolls of toilet paper, yarn for a daughter learning to knit, Publix gift card, Olive Garden gift card, Currier and Ives plates to match my granny's plates, hot chocolate, chocolate covered pretzels, queen ann cherries, apple cider, fabric that I could not have ordered if I wanted to!!!  I just can't even begin to share all the insights and love from friends and family!  It is overwhelming!  Because of God's Christmas, we are experiencing what a celebration of the infinite love and mercies of our Heavenly Lord and Savior!  Oh Praise Him!  Even if there were no gifts, even if there were no luxuries, even if there were no money!  HE has still seen fit to bless us and we are joyous!
                                                   We are so thankful!
      It has been a wonderful month of giving and receiving and it is not over...I just wish I had more to give!
           May the Lord bless all who continue to do His will this month and every month of the years!
               So we made a sign above our fireplace to also remind us!
Pressed down, shaken together, and overflowing...
We are very blessed.  


Joy said...

We do serve an awesome and mighty God! Merry Christmas!!!

Kimberly said...

This is truly a beautiful post Maralena! "God's Christmas" - I don't think there is a sweeter or more simplistic way of describing this season. With all of the sales, parties, and decorations, the emphasis is so often taken away from Jesus, our blessed Savior and the true gift at Christmas! I am so thankful for your friendship and so pleased that you shared this story. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and sending all my love!

jesuschick13 said...

God works in wonderful ways doesn't he? When I was down about my friend in surgery, I didn't know it but there were people praying for ME, that I would be secure and not fretful, that I would have peace knowing that God would take care of her.
God is so amazing :)

6atkins said...

Hey Phillips Family! Merry Christmas! We are watching the snow fall up here and I just wish I could snap my fingers and bring you up here to enjoy it! Loved your ecard - beatiful! So thankful for God's blessings for you all. We love you very much!
Dolls all around here this Christmas. (Not American Doll - Walmart and Target were the right price.) Anyway, we are having girls from church over on Thursday for a doll day. Planning to try our hand at Virginia doll world! LOL Sarah already copied your Hannah's idea and made a two story "home" using her desk. Thinking of you all and praying the blessings continue to flow, and they will because God is good!