Friday, October 07, 2011

Weekly Reflection

Oh how we love fall.  Praise the Lord for Seasonal changes.  Even if it is Florida with all it's heat and humidity!  There are cooler mornings, sweet smells in the air, and wind blowing through the trees. It is going to rain soon.  The smell is in the air along with the dark clouds.  But it is lovely.

Not much really going on here.  Just a little BIG family home schooling and attending and serving at our local church body.  Loving one another and loving Jesus!

 Homeschool is going well.  With a few sick days that are finally over, are getting back to work!  Onto studying Ancient Greece!  Oh it is so fun to do this unit study!  I have been planning and searching for links and free lapbooks and notebooking pages.  I wish I could have been homeschooled!  So much room for the imagination to brim over and create...
 My "Blogger-Writer".  Always with a computer, a journal and pen, or scrap piece of paper ready to write. She actually interviewed my boss from 20 years ago at Publix!  That was funny!
 My sweet twin girls.  They are reading now!  No more spelling things to my husband in front of them!
 Some friends call him "Stompy"!  He was having a frustrating time with his math this day.  We got through it.  Doing okay now.  
 I still am trying figure this one out...puzzling.  I wonder if they are giving cart rides on a wagon?
 Here is our rose amongst the trees.  It is very sunny today.  As I write this post it is sunny and Rainy at the same time.  I tried to get a picture of it to share on here, but just managed to get myself and my camera wet.  Eeek!
 Playing calico critters...such fun, such imaginations, such a mess!  But they will pick it up, I am sure of it.
I love this math program that one of the twin boys is working on.  When we rearranged the living room, we connected the computer to our t.v.  It is interesting.  Now the boys and dad can play civilization and everyone can see!


JesusChick said...

Gotta love your oldest daughter! <3 Loving that hat she's wearing also!

Jamerrill Stewart said...

I love your week! I'm interested in the cart the kids made. It looks like it was some good creative time! :-)

Eva said...

I will have to post a picture of the hat Sarah bought at the Goodwill the other day. She and Hannah have similar tastes! :)

The kids all look so good. Glad everyone is feeling well. Please tell the new readers "Congratulations!" They are so smart! (But we knew that already!) We love doing the school work on TV! Ours just died and now we are back to watching videos on the laptop screen. :( Oh well!

Have a wonderful weekend and blessed birthday Monday! Love you!