Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guess what?!

Guess What!!

Our netbooks will be here today! Hello Switched On Schoolhouse!

I guess we can start right away.

If anyone is interested in SOS for homeschool please check it out! A sweet lady who works for them wrote and told me how to put a link on here Yay! And Thank you so much!

I am so excited for the older four to have this oppurtunity. I am sure they will feel very important with their little netbooks. We purchased them through Dell. I guess I should leave a link for Dell, but for now, I am just going to say Google it!
Yesterday the book I ordered came! It is called Story Starters by Karen Andreola.
It is really neat! The pictures are so great too! I also recently purchased the book For Instructions In Righteousness by Doorposts.
More to come soon! I am gearing up for a wonderful next part of our school year!


AOP said...

Yeah! I saw your link! Thank you so much and have a wonderful day! Happy schooling!

Kristi Gesink

n said...

OMG! how amazing! I watched the Duggars last night, learned of SOS's computer based program, have been researching it al day, and have decided it is the way to go for us! Then.. :( completely forgot I have a MAC, and the CD wont' work on it.. but then.. :) remembered that we have a little new netbook as a back up, and decided to research if anyone is running SOS on a netbook successfully! and HERE you were.. lol I thought for sure this was an old post, but it was posted TODAY!!! haha! awesome! Good luck with it, I'm gonna give it a try as well!