Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Crazy End to a Crazy Week

 Well, this week started with my oldest daughter's birthday on a Saturday after the Youth car wash in town.
 Followed by Math class with some really great people!  And then a Publix trip and finding out our visitors from Virginia were about 4 hours early and would be at the church in about an hour!  Yikes.  I still had to go to another store and the library to boot.
 I didn't get any pics of my dear friends when they were here!  Boohoo!  I really needed some up to dates!
 We got sick, or should I say I got sick...and had to call off some plans with them.  Our Virginia Family.
 I was able to recover enough to go to the movies for free with our six children.  We watched Despicable Me.  It was great!  then we joined our friends at Our sweet pastor's home for some dessert and fellowship.
The next day we spent setting up for our church fall festival.  That evening right at the sweet oldest daughter was hit in the head by a horseshoe!  Oh what a scary thing!  My husband and I rushed her to the ER and was seen and gone in three hours!  Praise the Lord!  Her cut was to the skull!  I didn't take a picture of that.  Just the after...
It was slightly bigger than a quarter when we got to the ER.  She got 4 stitches on the inside, and 6 on the outside.  We are just praising God that it wasn't deeper and worse or in a different portion of her head.

She had been near the game where they were playing horseshoes but not in the game herself.  Thank the Lord it is healing up wonderfully!


jesuschick13 said...

Omigosh, I would of been so frightned. I was scared to get stitches when I was hit with the pogo stick so I know she must of been scared to death. I have been keeping her in my prayers. :) ♥♥♥ Love yah girlie and I hope you heal quickly! You will heal a lot faster than I did because mine was ripping open all the time since it was on my chin and I kept talking just like normal :P

6atkins said...

Sorry about not being better about taking photos while we were in FL! We had such a great time! I really need to post my pics. I have to admit that I didn't get as many as I wanted either!LOL

Love you! Eva