Tuesday, October 05, 2010

New Etsy Item...

New Item in My Etsy shop!

I am seeing apples in someone's future!

They are so, sew, cute!  I think it will be hard to let them go!

 these are calle pattern weights.  You place them on your pattern that you have cut out and placed on your fabric with out pinning!
 No more tears, rips, and buckles in your fabric!
I mostly made them just to see if my idea would work.  You know the whole inspiration thing in my brain!?  I can't wait to make more!


jesuschick13 said...

They are adorable!

6atkins said...

I love these! They are adorable.
Do you remember Beth, who registered kids at VBS? She loves to sew but has no working machine. I am going to try to have her give the girls lessons starting with Hannah and Sarah! They are very excited!

Joy said...

Those are so cool! You are so creative!! I hope you will continue to post more of what you make. I also enjoy seeing you post what you cook and bake! :)