Monday, October 04, 2010


This month is a great month!  I praise God who made it.  I was born in this month and so was my oldest daughter! 
I love to sew during this month!  I feel very(overly) creative and inspired by so many things around me!

My oldest daughter, was baptized last night by my husband!  What a lovely celebration and affirmation it was!

Two others were baptized last night!  It wasn't about numbers added to our church, it wasn't about, look at me I'm getting dunked, it wasn't about anything but what the Lord has done!  Oh Praise Him!

Sorry they are so blurry!  A very kind lady from our church took the photos with my camera so I could be in baptistry waiting with a towel and a hug for my sweet rooster!

God is so good to us!  He contiually provides just what we need, He continually directs us to good, He continually leads us gently on.

This is my youngest...she has the sweetest heart!  Making a sandwich with love!
And speaking of love...
My sweet husband had to replace my faucet that was springing out waves of water onto my counter.  He replaced it with this!  Beautiful.  I am so glad.  He joked with me that I just picked it out to match my cast iron pots and pans!  Hmmm.  Maybe I did!


jesuschick13 said...

I had an awwwww moment when I saw ur youngest daughter, she does have a sweet and caring heart

6atkins said...

Praise the Lord for my new sister! Love the pic of little girl! A great way for spelling lessons! LOL

Love the new sink fixture! You are going to make that house so beautiful you don't want to move up here near me. STOP! :)

How is the remodeling coming?