Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Getting Done...

Well I have been getting things done...
 This is a cake, stump cake in fact, that I made for a cake auction we had at our church for Operation Christmas Child.  It looks a little dull in the picture above...but the picture below is so cute!
 A sweet lady from church gave me some flowers to put on it for fall.  I love how it turned out!
 Here is the back side of the stump.  I wanted to do something crazy like put gummy worms in it and hide little mice and maybe some rubber roaches.  But, I was trying to considerate.  A cute little old lady might buy it, so I didn't do it.  The cake sold at the auction for $30.00.  It was a lot of fun watching all the other cakes sell!  There are two wonderful cooks at out church,  Miss Nancy, and Ms. Rose!  And there were ladies fighting(in a good and fun way) for their cakes!  SO funny!
 Here is a peasant blouse that I made that same week.  It looks so much better on my little girl than it does on the hanger.  I made four of these shirts so far and two skirts to match.  Oh it was great!
This is the auctioneer and the pastor.  We kinda reeled our youth leader into being the auctioneer because he already talks fast.  When he preaches you can't even take notes!  Just pay attention and listen!  His dad is the pastor.  We love them both very much!  It was Pastor Appreciation Day at our Sweet Church!  A very fun day indeed!

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jesuschick13 said...

I love, love, LOVE that cake! It is so adorable and I so want you to teach me how you made it! Please please please! :D