Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Right side up or right side down... We are thankful for all the memories that the Lord gave us this year! Thank you Jesus for being born and loving us and taking our punishment on the cross!
As if to say Tah-Dah! This boy has been waiting for this gift for 2 years! He loves it. A big train!

Unexpectedly, he only wanted a comforter for his bed. Honest. That is what he asked for! So, we splurged a bit and got him this race track. He was so surprised!

Oh, this is the gift I wanted for me! Will no one get me a doll for Christmas!? Elizabeth Cole.

We were so excited to get these dolls for our little dolls. That is why it was basically their only gift under the tree! Grandpa helped us purchase them. Thankyou Grandpa! We got all three girls a quilt to share and a lamp with a matching night light.

This young lady was so excited to receive Ruthie for Christmas.

Just so happy to get a wash board and a jar for her 18 inch dolls. They need to wash some clothes and make some cookies!

Do ya think the oldest child is happy with mom smootching on his cheek like that? Poor lil' guy. He does actually love his gift even if the embarrassment of his mother lingers here on this blog.

Soon to be our new favorite game! We like to purchase a family game every Christmas. This is going to be fun! Homeschoolopoly.

Watching Charlie Brown Christmas videos. Good Times. Good coffee. Good memories in the making.

Just hanging around after the holidays. Enjoying all that the Lord has given us this year!


6atkins said...

Hey everyone! Loved the photos of the gifts. We ran a little lean on pictures of the girls with their gifts. I was suffering from that tooth ache. I will post soon though some pictures of what they recieved. I also have one more big gift to show. Alpheus really spoiled me this year! You will be so tickled for me! I need a little more time to show you though. :) Can you guess yet?

The girls look so grown up! I bet you will love playing dollies with them! I am sure they will share.
We had they big train set out before Christmas. You should hear Lydia yelling "op" into the controller to make it stop! LOL

Miss you so big! Hope you all can come up during Spring Break and taking a camping trip with us to Jamestown. Whatcha think?

Love, Eva

jesuschick13 said...

Wes actually looked like he didn't mind and Hannah looked absolutely thrilled! Well, I guess she is always like that anyway, she's a bundle of energy!