Thursday, December 17, 2009


He's a real character, this one! What am I to do with such silliness?! I guess I just have to love 'em.
It so like this particular lil' guy to act silly like this. He has nicknamed himself as ALBANY. And of course he talks in a lil' strange annoying voice when he acts like this character.

Isn't he cute! Oh the fun we had that evening with my three boys! They stuffed his shirt with none other than...webkinz!

It is so nice to be able to actually download my photos on blogger! I never realized how easy it is! Homeschool Blogger will not let me download any more photos. Even though I deleted about 5 posts thinking that would give me some room. Oh well.

I just love the cool air outside this morning! I am thanking the Lord for it! It was up to 80 degrees just day before yesterday! Wow! Florida is very unique like that. One day it is 34 degrees the next it's 81. Maybe one day the Lord will allow our family to move north where there are true signs of seasonal changes. But for now I must be content!

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jesuschick13 said...

Looking at those photos of your boy I laughed so hard that Sabrina behind me thought I was crazy until she came over and looked for herself. The picture of you in front of the tree looked so cute, a perfect photo for Christmas or anything really.