Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas...Thankyou God for Jesus!

Merry Christmas From Our Family To You!
This was a tradition my family had when I was a teenager. We would go to the tree farm on Thanksgiving day, take a tree home and decorate it. Well after 6 years, we have finally bought one from that same farm. Not on Thanksgiving day. But fun, and a memory our family will cherish. We will cherish this memory not because it is a "Christmas Tree", but we will cherish it because there was no arguing, no fussing, we had our favorite adopted mom with us, we had prayer with the tree farm owner for him and his wife who broke her hip, we will cherish the newness of a new start for Ms. Rose, and the wonderful dinner she cooked for us and our other favorite adopted family members!

My twin boys actually cut the tree down by themselves.

Brings new light to the song: Oh Christmas Tree!

My oldest daughter is absolutely hilarious! We praise the Lord for our "little BIG family".
We praise the Lord God for Jesus and what He gave for us in His time and in His Will.

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jesuschick13 said...

I will not argue with you when you say that your oldest daughter is hilarious. She is the sweetest also and you can tell her said that! :)