Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crampedford...otherwise known as "dollworld"

Here is what My three daughters and I have been up to lately. My oldest wants to call it Cranford. Love that show! But I refer to it as Crampedford! This is the bottom of her bunkbed turned into a two story doll house. Now you know what I want for Christmas? I wanna American Girl Doll! Ha, Ha. This has been such fun! The little sisters are getting to play too!
The dining room.

Here is the Kitchen. Homemade by the oldest girl. Gotta love that mini cast iron pan! It is real.

Here is one of our boarders now.

Kirsten is chatting with Millie and I have no idea what the baby's name is! I think it is Polly. but I could be so wrong!

Kit is decorating the home. Hopefully, it will continue to be fun for all three girls. But of course now the the oldest has this new home for her dolls, I told her she has to share with her little sisters. She said: " okay, I'll take on some boarders".

Well, this is what we have been up to lately!


6atkins said...

We love this! The girls would love to come play in dollworld! Where are the little girls sleeping? Who made the second floor shelf? That was such a good idea! Thanks for sharing the pics!

I would love to chat. Would Friday be good? Miss and love you! Eva

jesuschick13 said...

Your oldest daughter is so cool. I would of never thought of to use my bottom bunk as a dollworld!