Saturday, December 26, 2009

Funny and yet strange

These little cupcakes were so much fun! I got this free printable mustache from some sweet little blog,...oh, I wish I could remember the name! Anyway, we taped them onto tooth picks and stuck them into the cupcakes! Fun! This here is a sailor friend of ours. She is a one of a kind christian young lady!
This here is the Birthday Boy!

We have been enjoying crazy get togethers. We had a little imprompto birthday party for one of our friends. He is a boat schooled child. Their sweet family lives on a sailboat!

This Christmas break has been a real challenge to our little BIG family. It seems that there is one thing after another and that there is no time to relax and breathe in and out. And all we seem to be doing is cooking, preparing food to be eaten, washing dishes then bringing them out again to be eaten on, oh and did I mention, we've been eating! I do praise the Lord for the food! Please do not read me wrong! I just can't get over that as soon as we clean up from is time to cook and eat again! Crazyness! I am going to have to resort to smoothies here before too long! Ha.ha.ha.;)

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